dodie hendry henderson


With a background in newspaper journalism, I love both the written word and the still image!  Work on regional newspapers has ensured that I am able to take photographs to go with copy, and our family has developed into a bunch of passionate photographers as a consequence of being carted around on "assignment" for over 19 years.

A love of rural life, agriculture and the people in the regional areas of Western Australia has led to me becoming more and more passionate about the food we produce, and how it makes its way to the people who consume it.

In addition to paid work for publications like The Countryman, recent work for groups like Rural Room, the Community Food Events project, Oxfam Australia and Vets Beyond Borders has enabled me to fulfil the desire to use my particular skills in a way which benefits people, and animals, all over the world.


Feel free to look through my portfolio for a sample of my work. If you have any questions, please contact me.

I work from home, on a beautiful farm overlooking the Southern Ocean, and am concentrating on work related to food production and farming, the environment and regional people and places. In between writing and farming, we homeschool our children, combining formal lessons with the wonderful experiences that are part of life on the farm.